Photography Career Tree

Sports Photography

Some responsibilities that sports photographers have is to take pictures of  sport events and athletes. The yearly salary for around the corona area is $43,680. What interests me about sports photography is that i enjoy watching sports. Graduation from high school is required for this career

Camera Modes

Automatic mode

Auto mode tells your camera to use it’s best judgement to select shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash to take the best shot that it can.

Portrait mode

Portrait mode works best when you’re photographing a single subject so get in close enough to your subject (either by zooming in or walking closer) so that your photographing the head and shoulders of them).

Macro mode

Macro mode lets you move your closer into your subject to take a close up picture.

Landscape mode

Macro mode lets you move your closer into your subject to take a close up picture.

Sports mode

It is ideal for photographing any moving objects including people playing sports, pets, cars, wildlife etc. Sports mode attempts to freeze the action by increasing the shutter speed.

Night mode

Night mode is for shooting in low light situations and sets your camera to use a longer shutter speed to help capture details of the background but it also fires off a flash to illuminate the foreground.

Movie mode

This mode extends your digital camera from just capturing still images to capturing moving ones.

Aperture Priority Mode

mode where you choose the aperture and where your camera chooses the other settings (shutter speed, white balance, ISO etc) so as to ensure you have a well balanced exposure.

Shutter Priority Mode

Shutter priority is very similar to aperture priority mode but is the mode where you select a shutter speed and the camera then chooses all of the other settings. You would use this mode where you want to control over shutter speed (obviously)

Program Mode

cameras that have both, Program mode is similar to Auto but gives you a little more control over some other features including flash, white balance, ISO etc.

Manual Mode

In this mode you have full control over your camera and need to think about all settings including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, flash etc.

3 National Geographic Covers

I chose this cover because I love the expression on his face

The little girl looks sad or like she saw something that ruined her mood which is why I chose this image because it tells people how they don’t really know what’s going on in somebody’s life.

This cover gives me thought of special cultures and their food which is why I like it

100 most influential photos

Falling man taken by Richard Drew on September 11, 2001, tells a story about a man who jumped out of a building that was soon going to collapse because a plan that was hijacked crashed into it the photo perfectly shows him going straight down in the air going to hit the floor.


Emmett Till shot by David Jackson tells the story of how Emmett till was murdered for potentially “flirting” with a woman at a local mini market leading for her husband and his brother to beat the kid to death they threw his body in the lake his mother then went to identify his body and wanted him to have an open casket for people to witness what they did to her son. 


Michael Jordan shot by Co Rentmeester shows the iconic Michael Jordan dunking and which they were able to get the logo for the Jordan brand.



Travel poster

I would want to go here because Brazil has such a beautiful culture and

many special places to visit where I know I would experience a great time.